Imagine it’s breakfast time. Smell the tantalizing aroma coming from the kitchen. Your precious pup stares up at you and just as you’re about to dig in you start to think… Can dogs eat eggs?  Are the benefits of eggs for dogs the same as for humans? Well, ponder no more… we’ve got the answers to all your questions about dogs eating eggs!
Is It Safe to Feed My Dog eggs? Yes, it is safe to feed your dog eggs! Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious gifts for humans and that is true for dogs as well. Why Are Eggs Good For Dogs? Protein-Packed Goodness No matter how many pretty pink bows, rain jackets, or little doggie socks we put on them, the fact is dogs are descendants from carnivorous animals. They thrive on protein!

A high protein diet helps build muscle, strengthen the hair, and supports tissue repair. Egg Shells for Dogs (Yes, really!) Egg shell powder for dogs is high in protein and contain many essential amino acids and fatty acids.

Promotes strong bones and teeth Packed full of vitamins and Minerals! Vitamin A Riboflavin Folate Vitamin B12 Iron Selenium Fatty Acids Can Puppies Eat Eggs? Puppy’s digestive systems tend to be a little more complicated, especially when you factor in their propensity for finding and eating things like eating rubber flip flops. Say it with me now, “Chews, not shoes!” As a whole, experts say cooked eggs for puppies are fine in moderation. Raw Egg for dogs? This is a debate for the ages. Can dogs eat raw eggs? Some vets may encourage it while others lean far in the opposite direction. Generally speaking, healthy dogs are at a low risk for salmonellosis (see this FDA research for more information). That said, you’ll want to speak with your veterinarian and do your own research to conclude if raw eggs are the right choice for your pet. Here are a few variables to be considered for safe consumption: What to Watch Out For in Raw Eggs for Dogs… Dog’s age and health: Older dogs, younger dogs, and dogs with lowered immune systems may be more prone to digestive issues and sensitive to bacteria in eggs.

Where the egg is sourced: Healthy hens are a must for a healthy raw egg. If feeding your dog raw eggs, consider free-range and/or organic for the highest quality.

Follow food-safety best practices: Feed your pets in a location that can be easily cleaned and sanitized; Wash countertops, tables, or any surfaces compromised when pet foods have come into contact with them; Earmark some utensils for use only with pet foods; Wash hands carefully after handling pet foods.